‘The Bourne’ “Whatever They Call the Next One” Bumps to 2016

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The Bourne Legacy: Jeremy Renner is Aaron Cross (Top)

Look, I’m the sort of person who has been checking the box office daily for a couple weeks now. And it’s for one reason: I want to see if and when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 crosses the $200 Million mark (it hasn’t yet, and is limping to get there). Sony is locked into a franchise the public has been slowly rejecting, and yet they haven’t publicly changed their plans for the franchise, even if the word is they’ve bumped the next sequel a year. Which is why I’m curious about Universal’s decision to bump the next Bournemovie a year.

The film, which is to be directed by Justin Lin and will at least star Jeremy Renner, went from August 14, 2015 to July 15, 2016. In some ways that’s a bold move. A mid-August release means you’re hoping to fight less competition during the summer and hope to play long. A July release means you’re going to likely be opening against or near the biggest films of the year. In its 2015 place, Universal has slated the N.W.A. bio-pic.

The reason why I brought up Spider-Man is because The Bourne Legacy, the fourth film that replaced Matt Damon with Renner, was in all ways a disappointment. It is the lowest grossing Bournefilm by ten million (or fifty is you include inflation) domestically, though the fourth film picked up a little internationally as it’s the third highest grossing of the franchise worldwide, but well over $150 Million off The Bourne Ultimatum. To pursue a fifth film without Matt Damon seems stupid considering the laws of diminishing returns, and it would make sense if the delay was to guarantee Damon’s involvement. But that hasn’t been announced yet.

Are you stoked for another Damon-free Bourne movie?