Revision Clocks Galore

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In my last post I wrote about revision clocks – an idea from @teachgeogblog that was shared by @Just_Maths back in October. Check out the hashtag #revisionclock to see these in action in numerous subjects. They are now all the rage in maths. No wonder, given that they are easy to prepare and do a great job of keeping students focused during revision lessons.

The idea is that you set 12 five minute questions that students answer on an A3 clockface. I haven’t yet used a revision clock with Year 11 (though lots of people have done so with great success) but I’ve used revision clocks in a number of A level lessons and have found them to be really effective. In these lessons I set a buzzer to go off every five minutes and at that point I write an answer on the board.

C1/C2 (for us @IGSMaths) Keeping Time (doughnuts for reaching halfway!). Fab activity thanks

— MrsG (@MrsGRVHS) 12 May 2016

I’ve received so many tweets about revision clock activities that I thought it would be a good idea to share them here so that everyone can access the resources. This post contains revision clocks for both GCSE and A level


And my version of the revision clock ⏰ for higher GCSE. Worked really well. Thanks @mathsjem & @Just_Maths 👍🏼

— Gemma Cliffe (@CliffeMaths) 12 May 2016

The resource for this tweet is here.

Made a GCSE Maths revision clock WS for my top set Y11s @mathsjem – Were these your idea? They loved it!

— Maria Howard (@MrsHsNumeracy) 12 May 2016

Inspiration from @mathsjem revision clock using my new #revision mats #mathschat

— Danielle Bartram (@MissBsResources) 13 May 2016

Felt inspired by @mathsjem & @Just_Maths to make my own higher gcse revision clock. #math#revision#GCSEMaths

— Mr Rainey (@R41ney77) 22 May 2016

Fast paced Y11 algebra revision. I have been taking inspiration from @mathsjem for revision ideas.

— Miss Suganthakumaran (@mathspo) 15 April 2016

The resource for this tweet is here.

I made a GCSE revision clock. One of our geography teachers named it the power hour

— Ms Steel (@MsSteel_Maths) 17 May 2016

My GCSE class love Power Hour so I’ve done a calculator version based on predictions

— Ms Steel (@MsSteel_Maths) 26 May 2016

Number, Measures, Angle #revisionclock sheets inc answers. Now added Algebra (F)

— Em (@EJmaths) 14 May 2016

*New* Data/Prob #revisionclock made while watching Eurovision so any mistakes let me know😬🙄

— Em (@EJmaths) 14 May 2016

Just couldn’t help myself @mathsjem Some GCSE further maths revision clocks

— Maria Howard (@MrsHsNumeracy) 19 May 2016

Revision clocks for the new 1-9 GCSE here’s the higher one – feel free to upload to resourceaholic @mathsjem 🙂

— Andy Winterbottom (@amwinterbottom) 26 May 2016

And here are the foundation ones… @mathsjem

— Andy Winterbottom (@amwinterbottom) 26 May 2016

A level

.@mathsjem Played with clock today. My C1/C2/S1 qs for OCR. Students worked in pairs, then presented solutions

— Emma L Bell (@El_Timbre) 10 May 2016

New resource: S1 Revision Clock, with thanks to @mathsjem and @Just_Maths#revision#s1

— K Pitchford (@Ms_Kmp) 2 June 2016

My C3 and C4 revision clock activities are here:



— Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) 10 May 2016

— Dr Bennison (@DrBennison) 10 May 2016

@mathsjem@EJmaths FP2 Revision clock activity FP3 and S2 to come this weekend.

— Dr Bennison (@DrBennison) 14 May 2016

— Dr Bennison (@DrBennison) 18 May 2016

New post: A C1 revision activity.

Teach Year 12? 10 days until C1! Eek.

— Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) 8 May 2016

— Jo Morgan (@mathsjem) 14 May 2016

Hi @mathsjem, I’ve just uploaded a C2 revision clock, feel free to share on

— Andy Winterbottom (@amwinterbottom) 20 May 2016

@mathsjem I’ve also uploaded an M1 Revision Clock :).

— Andy Winterbottom (@amwinterbottom) 20 May 2016

Mechanics 1 Keeping Time via @tesResources

— Eve Pascal (@Pascal1Eve) 17 May 2016

New Post: Help KS5 manage exam timings with this idea adapted from a @mathsjem blog.

— Phil Bruce (@pbrucemaths) 25 April 2016

Core 3 Keeping Time via @tesResources

— Eve Pascal (@Pascal1Eve) 8 May 2016

Core 4 Keeping Time via @tesResources

— Eve Pascal (@Pascal1Eve) 10 May 2016

And finally…

Here are template clockfaces for various combinations of timings – for example you might want to do 15 two minute questions followed by 6 five minute questions.

.@tessmaths@mathsjem#revisionclock TEMPLATES added for 1/2/5mark & combination of marks Qs

— Em (@EJmaths) 15 May 2016

If you make a new maths revision clock resource then please upload it to TES or an online drive and tweet me a link so I can add it to this post. This should save teachers a lot of time in planning revision lessons. Thanks to all who have contributed! The final exam countdown is on…