Resolutions for Copywriters

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What’s the best thing you can do during uncertain times?

According to billionaire Warren Buffet and plenty of others, the thing to do when everything else is at a lull is work on yourself.

Constant renewal, in other words.

And per Aristotle, what you’ll want to do is adopt the habits of virtue. Walk the path.

I’m sure you’ve already got your list of resolutions revved up and ready to go. Among them, no doubt… your pledge to drop those extra pounds, stop sleeping next to your iPhone, and stop not using your exercise bike… or maybe at least swearing to get that exercise bike so you can stop making excuses to stop not using it.

But just in case you need some career-related pledges for the coming year, try these:

 1. Around the clock, make curiosity a habit.  Ask questions.

2. Every morning, read one piece of direct mail.

3. Every day, have a set time for writing.  Never deviate from it.
4. At least twice a week, study the latest marketing results.
5. By the end of this month, teach yourself the basics of good story-telling.
6. Within six months, do everything you can to get a mentor.
7. Always seek out your critics.  They’ll teach you much more than your fans ever could.

Naturally, the list could be longer. But even those seven, you might find daunting. If that’s the case just take them on one at a time.   Whatever you do, though, don’t wait to get started.  And don’t cheat yourself by setting goals that are vague, unrealistic, or under-ambitious.

With all that said, Happy 2013!

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