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You may be facing some problems related to your account access, login to your account, how do subscribe or how to cancel your subscription, etc. All these types of problems you can face, don’t need to be worry just follow the below steps and feel free to get Hulu support. Below is some problem which you can face along with their solutions.

Problem while trying to access your account

If you want to see your billing history, account details, payment transaction all type of details related to your account, then you must log in the home page of Hulu the site is Open this site you will see a home page of Hulu, Then just enter your details email and password and click on login button, after login you will see your account details. If it shows error in login you should cross check your email id and password, maybe you have entered wrong email or password.

Having trouble in access your Hulu subscription

If you have just paid your charges for Hulu subscription, but you are facing problem in access to your Hulu subscription, and it is not showing any billing information. There is no need to be worry you may have logged into the basic Hulu account. Logged out from that primary account, it will not show any billing information or Hulu subscription. Login to the correct Hulu account, if you forgot that which email you have registered for the link then go to this site

If you signed up for free trial of Hulu and charged by Hulu subscription

It allows only one free trial to each user for each year. When you enter your details which are already registered with the Hulu subscribed for a free trial, but even if you proceed with the process of signup with the already registered details of the free trial, then you will be charged for the subscription of Hulu, It changes your package from free trial to paid subscription. That’s why you were charged for this.

Being charged even after deleting the Hulu app

If you want to cancel your subscription due to any reasons, then you can do this by going on account page of Hulu through your computer or mobile phone.

The subscription of Hulu will be only unsubscribed through online mode or over the phone. If you do not want a Hulu subscription, then just unsubscribe to it through online forums. Login to the Hulu account page by entering your sign in details. After deleting the subscription, you will receive a confirmation email from Hulu team. Also, remember that only deleting app won’t unsubscribe you from it.

Two charges on your statement

If you are subscribed for Add-on, you will see two charges for Hulu that is one charge for previous billing and other one is for your new Add-on. If it is showing more than one charge, you might subscribe two accounts from different emails. If you want to know about the details of another account, you may visit the Hulu website.

So, these are some problems with their solution, even if you are facing some other problems feel free to get Hulu Help.

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