Know these troubleshooting steps for TiVo Mini Rebooting Issue

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No need to worry if you’re scuffling with the error of rebooting or power, here we have simple troubleshooting steps for you. Check them out.

Being a user of TiVo Mini device, if you’re struggling with the issue of rebooting and power, then you need to check these simple steps. Once try these steps, and if you think you’re getting no positive response, then you can make a ring on Tivo Customer Service number.

No power in TiVo Mini, or is unstable

1.       Remember the adapter you are using; it should be approved by TiVo. Otherwise, you may face some technical error.

2.       If you want to use some different adapter then just make sure that power adapter is TiVo approved.

3.       If still, you’re noticing no change in your issue then we recommend you visit Tivo Com Support for the better and facile help.

TiVo Mini reboots suddenly

If while switching off your television or if you try to change the HDMI inputs, you TiVo mini start performing reboot then you need to follow these simple troubleshooting steps to fix this specific error.

·         If your TiVo Mini device holds the more than one HDMI inputs, then you need to take help of your remote to switch to the HDMI inputs. Wait for a while, then shift to powered on TiVo Mini. If still, you’re facing the reboot means there’s something wrong with your HDMI.

·         Now again if you TiVo Mini holds no HDMI inputs (more than one), then you need to break the connection unplugging the HDMI cable which navigates to your TiVo Mini. Now you need to wait for 1-2 minutes, then make the connection again. Again, if you see no positive change then your HDMI might be faulty, you need to check your cable.

·         If above-given steps show no positive result, then you have an option of following the steps under MoCA/Ethernet conflict. Check them out.

To fix an HDMI conflict:

·         You need a regular HDMI switch with extra HDMI cable and put that into the available HDMI cable. You can easily grab the HDMI switch by navigating to many online stores. This HDMI switch will cost you just $10.

·         After usage of TiVo Mini, if you’re going to power off your television then don’t forget to put Mini in standby mode. Follow these settings to put your TiVo in that mode, TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Help > Standby mode after following these steps you can power off your television. Now as you turn your television you will see the no issue of a reboot. For more Tivo Help, you can contact TiVo experts as well.

·         Instead of HDMI cable, you need to take help of component video cables which i.e. green, blue and red. Here you need an additional audio cable.

MoCA/Ethernet conflict  

If you want to check out that your network configuration is giving any technical obstacle the simply respond to these simple questions:

1.       Do you have MoCA enabled?

No: You need to shift you HDMI conflict there’s no role of your network configuration in this error.

Yes: Navigate to next question

2.       Do you have an Ethernet connection to the TiVo Mini as well?

No:  Again you need to move to HDMI conflict

Yes:  If you see the availability of both MoCA and Ethernet, then we recommend you disable any one of them and now take a glimpse at your rebooting issue.

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