IPL Live Betting

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In live cricket betting, markets often focus on the next over and next ball to bet but live market also includes many bets like total batsman runs, total wickets fall, next wicket fall etc.

How to Bet on IPL Cricket

The Indian Premier League is very new competition in best cricket betting predictions. Many changes are made to this game including the teams and players and the grounds used to host and the games, the format of the games is also taking very changes. The rapidly changing nature of t20 games in cricket is also a factor, in this game the momentum changes in one minute so this games is very different and betting on t20 is very different and interesting. Some pointers for betting on the IPL include:

Momentum count is also a factor in t20, some teams wins many matches continuously in a streak and some teams also make the losing streak. Overall win-loss rates are relatively even, but a team entering the knock-out stages on the back of a few wins is generally a good proposition. Emerging Powers: Although the competition is relatively new, some teams are emerging as consistent challengers.

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