How To Easily Setup Tivo Mini On Your Device?

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First of all, we are going to discuss the account and network requirements for setting up TiVo mini:

  • All the devices should be connected to the same TiVo account.
  • The account must be in activation mode.
  • You can share 12 devices at a time with a single account.
  • The host DVR must be from BOLT, Roamio family with OS 20.2.2 and above.

Important: TiVo mini doesn’t work with the wireless connection as it does not support it.

Arrange the host DVR to use with TiVo mini

  • You need to check whether the Host DVR is satisfying the requirements of internet connection or not. You can go to TiVo customer service link to get help in this regard.
  • Connect the host DVR to the network with the help of Ethernet cable.
  • Set the name of your host DVR so that it can be easily found.
  • Avoid using any characters like symbols, language etc. These characters may interfere with the network devices and cause an error.
  • Connect your Host DVR to the TiVo com activate link and wait for a while.

Installing a TiVo mini

  1. Connect the device to TV. If you want to watch High definition videos, then connect the devices with the help of HDMI cable. For other types, you can connect with the help of a composite
  2. Connect the TiVo mini to the home network. For any help, you can go to TiVo help link from your computer or from the phone.
  3. Plug the device into the power supply with the help of power cord.

TiVo setup instructions

  • Turn on the TV and wait for few seconds until you get the welcome message on the screen. Pick up the TiVo remote and press ‘Begin’ to start the setup process.
  • You will be prompted to click on the box which says, ‘I read the terms and conditions’ and agree.
  • You will now be asked to change the video format. You can keep them automatic or change them manually. If you want to change the resolution according to your TV, then click on manual settings.
  • You will find ‘getting setup info’ screen in front of you. This will display the steps and information related to connecting and playing the contents through TiVo mini. Press ‘Select’ to continue to the next step.
  • You will find next instructions on the next screen. Read them carefully and implement accordingly. Select your TiVo box from the list of devices. Your box will have its unique name.
  • Now, you will be asked to connect your TiVo mini with the host DVR. If you are having a problem in connecting the TiVo mini with host DVR, then you can click on ‘troubleshoot a device’ link. If only one DVR is connected at a time, then it will be detected automatically by the Mini.
  • Press the home button to go to TiVo central.

IR adapter

The main function of IR adapter is to control the TiVo mini if there is no line of sight communication available for IR remote.

Note: If the TSN of your TiVo mini starts with the A93, then it means that your device is RF compatible and doesn’t require IR adapter. For any information, you can go to official TiVo website.

IR adapter setup on TiVo mini

  • Connect the IR adapter USB connector to the back of TiVo device. You will find USB port at the back of this device.

Note: A DVR software version should always be 20.2.2 or higher if you are using a Premiere series DVR for IR setup.

  • Place the IR adapter in such a way that its one end is visible and secure the adapter with the patch if required.

For more information and support, you can go to TiVo com support link from your computer or call at customer support number.



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