Damon Houx’s Alternate Top Hundred Films of All Time

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So, this week I released a list of the hundred greatest movies of all time. Yeah, that’s pretentious, but listmaking is good to get people curious about cinema. But it hurt to leave so many great films off the list, and some you leave off because if they’re not in the top whatever, it doesn’t make sense to make them number seventy two. So I asked myself: Can I come up with an alternate top hundred films? The answer: Yes.

Though I won’t provide commentary this time, there’s always a sense of a list snapping into place. It starts with more personal favorites, and then moves on to greater and greater films. Even with the freedom of doing a second list, and even if this seems a little more didactic, I have just given you, the reader, two hundred films that I think are masterpieces, and I didn’t even bring in Ghostbustersor Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Star Wars(the first one), or The Road Warrior, TheWizard of Oz and many other films that feel like (to be crude about it) easy lays. And even on this second go-around, I feel pain at some of the films I’ve left of the list. I didn’t include any Tsai  Ming-liang, and that dude’s a master. No Hou Hsiao-hsien. And probably not enough Eisenstein. Or the many other films I’ve forgotten to mention. But I can defend every single choice on this list.

For the record here are part one and part two of my original top one hundred.

And so, here we go:

100. Love and Death

99. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

98. Visitor Q

97. True Romance

96. Gone Baby Gone

95. The Last Days of Disco

94. Moonrise Kingdom

93. Never Let Me Go

92. Evil Dead 2

91. Days of Being Wild

90. Le Trou

89. Blonde Venus

88. Kairo (aka Pulse)

87. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

86. Fight Club

85. Risky Business

84. The Untouchables

83. Blade Runner

82. The Rainmaker

81. Meet Me in St. Louis

80. The Fly (85)

79. This is Spinal Tap

78. Cat People (42)

77. Winchester ‘73

76. Married to the Mob

75. Blue Collar

74. The Quiet Man

73. M

72. Paris, Texas

71. Alien

70. Femme Fatale

69. Shock Corridor

68. Yi Yi

67. Eyes Wide Shut

66. Top Hat

65. The Shop Around the Corner

64. Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

63. The Wanderers

62. The Warriors

61. Band of Outsiders

60. The Reckless Moment

59. Ride with the Devil

58. Hail the Conquering Hero

57. Shampoo

56. Assault on Precinct 13 (76)

55. Paths of Glory

54. Rocco and His Brothers

53. Beauty and the Beast (46)

52. It’s Always Fair Weather

51. A Woman Under the Influence

50. The Elephant Man

49. American Graffiti

48. To Have and Have Not

47. Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

46. Smiles on a Summer’s Night

45. Starship Troopers

44. Audition

43. Blazing Saddles

42. Ran

41. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeois

40. Umberto D.

39. The 25th Hour

38. To Kill a Mockingbird

37. The Mission (99)

36. Day of Wrath

35. Ikuru

34. The Bank Dick

33. Tokyo Story

32. The Pianist

31. Mean Streets

30. Aguirre: The Wrath of God

29. The Apartment

28. Le Samourai

27. The Antoine Doinel series

26. Blood Simple

25. City of God

24. I Vitelloni

23. M*A*S*H

22. All the President’s Men

21. Malcolm X

20. F for Fake

19. Shadow of a Doubt

18. Napoleon

17. Last Tango in Paris

16. Andrei Rubelev

15. The Apu Trilogy

14. Odd Man Out

13. The New World

12. Daisy Kenyon

11. Sweet Smell of Success

10. A Star is Born

9. Yojimbo

8. Hoop Dreams

7. In a Lonely Place

6. The Lady Eve

5. Eric Rohmer’s Six Moral Tales

4. Modern Times

3. All That Heaven Allows

2. The Decalogue

1. The Red Shoes