What Common Message Errors You Can Receive While Sending Cox Mail To Friends?

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While trying to send an email from your Cox com login, you may receive the message errors. The exact cause and reason behind these error messages are different depending on the error number. 

Now, we are going to give you the overview of all the message errors which you may encounter while sending a mail from your Cox email account. Read all the message errors carefully along with its possible reasons.

Error number 450: Recipient address rejected

You will get this error message when your email system is flooded by the email list administrators. In order to protect your mail and to manage the Incoming mail system, the company has implemented some rules. According to these rules, there is a technique to send a lot of emails to the recipient without harming its server. The mail list most of the times is bounced back by the servers if it exceeds the rules for incoming mail.

A soft bounce actually means an email sent in the question form. It has also been researched out by the team of experts that servers which are responsible for delivering the messages get blocked due to bulk mail address and due to concurrent connections.

This type of error is harmful for the user as the spammer keeps on sending commercial mails on your Cox Email login. In such conditions, you can troubleshoot this error by calling at Cox email support number.

The company is assuring its customers that they are working with the administrators and another website to get rid of this bulk mailing error problem and they are soon going to fix this error. For more information and assistance, you can talk to support representatives.

Error number 503: Improper use of command for SMTP

You will get this error if you have sent the message in unconventional or non-standard type. To get rid of this error, you can either go to official Cox help link or contact our support team.

Error number 540: Recipient address rejected

When you get this error, then you need to call your Cox support providers. You need to reactivate the email address by calling at our support number. If you are using internet services from third party service providers, then you have to contact the internet service provider of that company.

Error 500: Recipient address rejected due to mailbox full

The current storage limit of Cox Email account is 30 MB. If the storage is exceeding this limit, then you will get this error code and the mail sent by you to the receiver will be returned to your address. You won’t be able to send it until you clear the memory. If you find that the problem is due to the poor internet connection, then you can talk to the support team by calling at Cox internet support number.

You can check the storage quota of your email account by tapping on account settings from the home page of your Cox email login.

Error number 550: User unknown

This error normally flashes on the question screen when the user address is not activated on Cox email server. When you try to send a message to the individual, you won’t be able to send it due to error 550 or the sign-up page is not activated. If you are quite sure that your account is activated and you are still getting the problem, then call at Cox TV support number and talk to our support representatives.

Error number 554: Relay access denied

This error occurs when the email sender is not authorized to send the mail from the SMTP server. In such cases, you can contact your internet service provider or mail provider.

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