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In four years, Chromecast has become one of the most preferred choices of all the global users. With the exclusive features and services, the streaming device is still adding many new streamers in its list. This is the reason we are here with the best tricks which can make you the Chromecast master.

  • Creating a media server- Generally, many users have got their personalized libraries filled up with downloads, which is unfortunately not supported easily by Chromecast. In such a situation, you will require creating a media server using Plex to easily stream all the local content on the Chromecast streaming device. All you are required is downloading the Plex app.
  • Casting the VR on the TV- The Virtual Reality sounds great, but when it is being used to watch you, then it becomes the unavoidable To get rid of this, a Google cast compatible VR app is one of the apps which will cast onto the television, permitting all the users to see what you are seeing. You can apply this on Google’s Daydream View headset, Chromecast 2 and a Daydream compatible phone. You will also require the dongle linked to the similar Wi-Fi network.
  • Playing Amazon Prime Video on the Chromecast 2- Amazon Fire TV Stick dampers the entertainment for all those who subscribe to the streaming service of the company. For the sake of promoting its service, Amazon doesn’t permit the Prime Video to get streametd on the Google’s Chromecast device. Well, Google just comes out with a working solution and created a Chrome extension for easily casting to the Chromecast. You can easily get this feature in your Google Chrome browser. So, as long as you have got the upgraded version of Chrome, you will be able to press the three vertical buttons on the right side and then press “Cast” on the tab to cast on your big screen.
  • Chromecast Beta- According to Google, it is the Chromecast free download which brings up the stability feature for all those users who wish to access. But, initially, it could be complicated, as they are meant for all the power users who wish to check out the latest features without worrying about any issue. If you have got the courage, you could be on the list of those power users.
  • Large Screen, low sound- It’s great to stream your favorite content on your big screen, but it could a disturbing element for others. Wish to get rid of it? Just head to download the “Local Cast” app for Chromecast from the Google Play Store. In the list of many attractive features, one of the important features is the bypass television audio. Still, you can head to cast the video on the television, as the phone remains the main audio source. Just head to link the headset to your smartphone if the sound is not loud enough.
  • Downloading the Google Play Music- If you have got the local music or wish to subscribe to the Google music streaming service, then the app will permit you to stream the audio via the television. It is not a sound choice, but it can help if you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker or the other options for the similar reason.

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