Box Office Predictions: For the Third Time This Year, Kevin Hart Tops the Box Office

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Do you know this face? Has our culture been so divided up into niches (or, that is to say, segregated) that there are people who don’t know who Kevin Hart is? Because you’re looking at the face of the biggest modern movie star in the game.

Currently Hart has only starred in one movie that made over a hundred million dollars (Ride Along), but his recent run, which includes his super successful (in terms of return on investment) concert films — that often don’t get reviewed by critics — and such entries as Think Like a Manand this year’s About Last Nightremake, shows a powerhouse. Perhaps he could be marginalized like Tyler Perry, but there’s no denying that he’s opened three films to the top slot this year. That’s a feat likely unparalleled.

On the flip side is Jersey Boys, a film that Warner Brothers seemed actively embarrassed of, or perhaps knew that the target demo just needed to know it was out there. Did they get that message out? We shall see this weekend, but the answer seems to be: No.

22 Jump Streetis likely to hold okay, and perhaps How to Train Your Dragon 2has a marginal drop. It depends, word of mouth seems to be working against it.

So, numbers:

  1. Think Like a Man 2– $46.7 Million
  2. How to Train your Dragon 2– $33 Million
  3. 22 Jump Street– $29 Million
  4. Jersey Boys– $14 Million
  5. Maleficent– $11.5 Million

And that’s that. And that’s that.

What are you going to watch this weekend?